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AI Backlash and Regulation – Potential Causes

AI continues to leave an indelible mark on society and various sectors, drawing avid interest from tech enthusiasts and the public.  Nevertheless, AI’s integration into numerous sectors isn’t without its possible hurdles. If not handled appropriately, these roadblocks could warrant a reassessment of AI’s widespread deployment.  By examining imaginable scenarios that could dramatically alter our understanding […]

Agentic AI Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made remarkable strides in recent years. Businesses are swiftly realising the benefits of automation in their operations. However, what we see now goes far beyond the simple automation of mundane tasks.  We are witnessing the birth of a new type of AI, agentic AI, which is distinguished by its improved independent […]

Project Stargate AI Supercomputer – OpenAI and Microsoft

Microsoft and OpenAI Announce Plans for The Stargate Project Microsoft and OpenAI, the technology giants, recently announced their plans for an ambitious data centre initiative, baptised “Stargate”. An audacious stepping stone further for artificial intelligence (AI) technology and infrastructural development,  Stargate represents an investment of $100 billion. The project, as reported by The Information, will […]

AI Use in English Courts

A Historic Leap into the Future The English legal system – infused with historic traditions and precedents spanning over a thousand years – is now cautiously stepping into a technologically advanced future.  England and Wales follow a common law system that incorporates both the enactment of statutes and the development of precedents through case law. […]

Synthetic Data in the UK Financial Sector

Synthetic data is radically changing the financial sector’s operations in the UK. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Synthetic Data Expert Group (SDEG) has contributed significantly to this technology by exploring synthetic data and its role in financial services.  Their recent findings suggest synthetic data’s digital innovation could lead to robust data privacy. Synthetic Data and […]

What is The EU AI Act?

Understanding the AI Act Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become integral to various sectors, from healthcare and finance to transportation and entertainment. However, its widespread use has also raised safety, ethics, and human rights concerns.  To address these issues and ensure a trustworthy AI ecosystem, the European Union has introduced the AI Act, the world’s […]

AI in Breast Cancer Analysis

Every year, 2 million women across the globe are diagnosed with breast cancer, making it the most prevalent cancer in females worldwide.  While increased awareness, early detection, and a broader spectrum of treatment options have led to improved survival rates, many patients still grapple with debilitating side effects post-treatment.  To address this, an international team […]

Nvidia’s Blackwell AI Chip The World’s Most Powerful AI Chip

NVIDIA, a titan in the computing industry, has recently launched its highest-performing Artificial Intelligence (AI) chip, named Blackwell. This announcement has created ripples in the tech world, with industry insiders predicting a high price tag for the product, making it available only to a select few organisations.  This revolutionary chip, unveiled by NVIDIA CEO Jensen […]

Apple’s MM1 Research Paper on Training Large Language Models

Apple’s research team recently developed a novel method for training large language models (LLMs) that integrates textual and visual information.  The company’s findings are detailed in a research paper titled “MM1: Methods, Analysis & Insights from Multimodal LLM Pre-training.” This paper introduces a new approach to creating more intelligent and flexible AI systems.  The MM1 […]

Digital Transformation Industry Trends 2023 and 2024

The digital revolution is not a distant future but a present reality, significantly influencing various sectors. Each industry is charting its unique digital transformation journey, with some surging ahead while others lag. This article aims to analyse these trends in-depth and highlight how industries embrace or resist the digital wave. Retail Industry Digital Transformation  In […]