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AI Backlash and Regulation – Potential Causes

AI continues to leave an indelible mark on society and various sectors, drawing avid interest from tech enthusiasts and the public.  Nevertheless, AI’s integration into numerous sectors isn’t without its possible hurdles. If not handled appropriately, these roadblocks could warrant a reassessment of AI’s widespread deployment.  By examining imaginable scenarios that could dramatically alter our understanding […]

Using AI in the Recruitment Process Guidelines

Embracing AI While Managing Potential Risks The Department for Science, Innovation and Technology has recently released the Responsible AI in Recruitment guide for organisations to floor when implementing AI systems into their recruitment processes. The rapid proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led to its incorporation in various sectors, acting as a catalyst for significant […]

Need for Legal Action Against AI Use in Terrorist Recruiting

The Call for Revised Legislation  The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a London-based counter-extremism think tank, has issued a compelling call for swiftly implementing new laws regulating the use of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) in disturbing activities such as terrorist recruitment.  Amidst the rapidly changing dynamic of online terrorism threats, this call for legislative action […]

Global AI Regulation

Understanding Global AI Regulation Countless cases have shown that artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising many traditional sectors. With this evolution comes the issue of regulating AI to address its challenges and opportunities. Regulating AI is no simple task; it entails crafting public policy and legislation to promote its beneficial use and mitigate its potential risks. […]

AI, Virtual Worlds and the Digital Economy

The dynamic combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Worlds (VW) is fast becoming the lifeblood of the digital economy. As these technologies evolve, they are beginning to shape how business is conducted increasingly online. However, such technologies require stable, high-speed, ultra-low-latency electronic communications networks and services (ECN/ECS) to function optimally. Take, for example, high-frequency […]

AI Use in English Courts

A Historic Leap into the Future The English legal system – infused with historic traditions and precedents spanning over a thousand years – is now cautiously stepping into a technologically advanced future.  England and Wales follow a common law system that incorporates both the enactment of statutes and the development of precedents through case law. […]

Safeguarding Artists from AI with Tennessee’s ELVIS Act

Addressing the Artist’s Dilemma in the AI World AI is rapidly reshaping humanity, permeating every facet of life from healthcare to transportation and not leaving out the music industry. Recently, Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee gave artists considerable goodwill by bringing to life a novel law – The Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security (ELVIS) […]

United Nations AI Resolution

Historically, artificial intelligence has been unregulated and free to grow without constraint. Despite its numerous benefits, many have expressed concerns about this emerging technology’s potential risk.  Recognising the intersection between AI and human rights, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly has taken an extraordinary step towards the governance of AI. The United States has led […]

What is The EU AI Act?

Understanding the AI Act Artificial Intelligence (AI) has rapidly become integral to various sectors, from healthcare and finance to transportation and entertainment. However, its widespread use has also raised safety, ethics, and human rights concerns.  To address these issues and ensure a trustworthy AI ecosystem, the European Union has introduced the AI Act, the world’s […]

The U.S. State Department Initiates Dialogue on Ethical AI Use in Military

This week, the U.S. State Department will host the first meeting of signatories to an artificial intelligence (AI) agreement.  The conference’s primary focus is the ethical use of AI in military applications. Mark Montgomery, senior director of the Center on Cyber and Technology Innovation for the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, commended the initiative […]