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Apple in Talks to Incorporate Google’s Gemini AI into iPhone

Apple Inc. (AAPL.O) is reportedly in discussions to integrate Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) engine into its flagship product, the iPhone. A potential partnership between these tech giants could revolutionise the smartphone industry and set new standards in AI-powered capabilities. The dialogue centres around licensing Google’s Gemini AI for various new features in the upcoming […]

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Workforce Regulations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly revolutionising the global workplace. An increasing number of businesses are now harnessing the power of generative AI models to automate tasks traditionally performed by human employees.  However, the complete replacement of the human workforce is not on the horizon, as AI has a propensity to “hallucinate” or generate false responses, […]

Mercedes-Benz Explores Automation in Manufacturing with Bipedal Robots

Mercedes-Benz Explores Automation in Manufacturing with Bipedal Robots Mercedes-Benz, the renowned automotive manufacturer, has recently ventured into a new realm of advanced robotics to enhance its manufacturing process. The company has partnered with Apptronik, a leading robotics firm, to explore potential applications of bipedal robots in automating physically challenging and repetitive tasks. The initiative aims […]

Clinical AI and Revolutionising Healthcare Documentation

In the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic concept but an active participant in transforming the industry.  One of the most recent advancements is the rise of Clinical AI, specifically in ambient clinical documentation.  This innovation was a focal point at the recent HIMSS conference held in Orlando, Florida, where companies […]

Apple’s Innovative Leap into Generative AI: A Look at MM1

Apple, the tech giant known for its impactful innovations, is again making headlines. This time, it’s not for a new iPhone or MacBook but for a significant shift in its focus from electric car initiatives to the exploratory realm of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company has recently presented a sophisticated multimodal AI model named […]

Geoengineering in Business

Introduction to Geoengineering Geoengineering, a term that has garnered significant attention in recent years, encapsulates the strategies and technologies aimed at counteracting climate change directly, often by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or managing sunlight. While not new, the concept has evolved to become a focal point in discussions surrounding climate change mitigation and […]

Amazon Invests $4b in Anthropic and Its Game-Changing Models

Introduction to Anthropic  In the ever-evolving realm of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, a new contender has emerged in the tech industry, leaving an indelible imprint – Anthropic. This company is no ordinary start-up.  Its innovative generative AI model, Claude 2, is engineered to break ground and redefine the AI landscape. Claude 2’s primary differentiating feature […]

UK Government AI Regulation Framework

Emerging Importance of Artificial Intelligence and the CMA’s Focus Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permeated our lives in recent years, integrating seamlessly into various sectors and industries. From driving automation and predictive analysis to facilitating personalised customer experience, AI has transformed how businesses operate and how consumers interact with products and services.  As AI-based systems and […]

Google DeepMind Breakthrough in DNA Mutation Detection for Disease

Google DeepMind’s AI Capabilities and Genetic Research DeepMind, the artificial intelligence (AI) milestone project of technology giant Google, has made substantial and notable breakthroughs within genetic research. With the power of artificial intelligence at their disposal, DeepMind experts have successfully woven the complicated data tapestry of human genetic makeup and addressed critical concerns.  The AI […]