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Metaverse Development Consulting

Metaverse Development Consulting In the burgeoning digital age, the concept of the Metaverse has swiftly emerged as a frontier that blends the physical and virtual worlds, creating a parallel universe where individuals can interact, work, and create in a 3D virtual space. Metaverse development consulting, therefore, plays a pivotal role in navigating businesses through the […]

Web3 and the Coming Crypto Real World Asset Renaissance

Learning From Past Economic Cycles As we possibly approach the conclusion of a stringent crypto downturn (or “bear market”), history may be serving as a guidepost, hinting at the resurgence of better days.  According to distinguished scholar Carlota Perez, the adoption of new technologies follows a foreseeable sequence: ebullient highs give way to crushing lows, […]

Blockchains and Supply Chains

Understanding Web3 and the Role of Blockchain Web3, short for “Web 3.0,” signifies the next evolutionary phase of the internet. It aims to create a more decentralised, peer-to-peer network than the centralised systems of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. This new framework focuses on returning control and ownership of data and digital assets to individual […]

Decentralised Finance

What is Decentralised Finance? Decentralised finance, often abbreviated as DeFi, is an innovative concept and a new form of financial system built on top of the public blockchain. Instead of relying on intermediaries such as banks, credit unions, or insurance companies, DeFi uses smart contracts on cryptocurrencies like Ethereum to facilitate financial transactions.  The core […]