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AI’s Potential Effect on UK Employment

AI Adoption and the Job Market Research Recent research that explores the effects of generative artificial intelligence (AI) on the UK’s employment market has displayed a potentially decisive turning point for the country. Should the government implement a strategic approach, this extraordinary juncture could dictate whether we face a future of substantial job disruption or […]

AI and the Digital Economy

The Digital Economy and the AI Revolution Eclipsing traditional economic activities, the burgeoning digital economy serves as a thriving marriage of digital computing technology and commerce. This rapidly expanding economy heralds a new era of business, notably influenced by the increasing adoption of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the Internet of Things (IoT). This […]

Global AI Regulation

Understanding Global AI Regulation Countless cases have shown that artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising many traditional sectors. With this evolution comes the issue of regulating AI to address its challenges and opportunities. Regulating AI is no simple task; it entails crafting public policy and legislation to promote its beneficial use and mitigate its potential risks. […]

AI and Workplace Health and Safety

Artificial intelligence (AI) is weaving its magic across several areas, cautiously treading into workplace safety and health. It is transforming this domain in myriad ways. On one hand, it optimises safety protocols to unprecedented standards, yet on the other hand, it may open up new danger zones that were non-existent before. AI’s versatility in impacting […]

AI in General and Mental Healthcare

The rise of AI over the last ten years has led to significant transformations across many professional fields. From autonomous robots efficiently delivering groceries to smart AI assistants streamlining the process of scheduling business meetings, this innovative technology’s presence and influence are progressively being felt.  Although AI’s integration into fields such as education, the judiciary […]

AI, Virtual Worlds and the Digital Economy

The dynamic combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Worlds (VW) is fast becoming the lifeblood of the digital economy. As these technologies evolve, they are beginning to shape how business is conducted increasingly online. However, such technologies require stable, high-speed, ultra-low-latency electronic communications networks and services (ECN/ECS) to function optimally. Take, for example, high-frequency […]

AI Use in English Courts

A Historic Leap into the Future The English legal system – infused with historic traditions and precedents spanning over a thousand years – is now cautiously stepping into a technologically advanced future.  England and Wales follow a common law system that incorporates both the enactment of statutes and the development of precedents through case law. […]

Synthetic Data in the UK Financial Sector

Synthetic data is radically changing the financial sector’s operations in the UK. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Synthetic Data Expert Group (SDEG) has contributed significantly to this technology by exploring synthetic data and its role in financial services.  Their recent findings suggest synthetic data’s digital innovation could lead to robust data privacy. Synthetic Data and […]

Safeguarding Artists from AI with Tennessee’s ELVIS Act

Addressing the Artist’s Dilemma in the AI World AI is rapidly reshaping humanity, permeating every facet of life from healthcare to transportation and not leaving out the music industry. Recently, Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee gave artists considerable goodwill by bringing to life a novel law – The Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security (ELVIS) […]

Artificial Intelligence in the UK Government

The UK government is actively focused on fostering a secure and ethical space for the comprehensive adoption and utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI).  The government appreciates AI’s transformative power and the numerous challenges it brings, especially within the public sector.  Consequently, the government established an overarching, cross-department strategy in 2023 to promote AI’s application within […]